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Background History

The word "pochade" comes from French meaning to sketch. The spelling is often as with a duck "pochard", which, if using the French language means drunkard. Choose which version you prefer.

Over the years artists have had made or made themselves field boxes suitable for painting away from their studio and without having to be lumbered with large easels etc. and which would carry more than one painting "en plein air". Trevor Chamberlain wrote a book titled "Oils" in which he devoted a chapter to the pochade. He persuaded a framer, Brian Banfield, to make and market them. Over several years John developed the design. Unfortunately he had to give up making them for health reasons. He, very generously, passed on the design which is virtually unaltered today.

Peter Waymouth does not make the boxes himself, but has found a cabinet maker who makes batches to order. Normally pochades of both sizes are in stock. The wood,which is sealed, is kept as light in weight as possible to create a sturdy product. Each artist has their own way of working so the box is produced so it can be adapted to the individual's wish. However, those who are looking for a well designed working field box will be able to start using the box from day one by adding their oils, brushes, turps etc. See "Useage" for the support suggestions.


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