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The box carries 3 wet canvas/boards. The grooves which hold the board are about 4mm wide. There are some manufactured boards which fit these grooves, but some are too thick. Alternatively buy 3mm thick MDF or hard board - either cut them yourself to your box size or get the merchant to cut them for you. Prime the boards and then a layer of gesso or similar.

A useful tip for those who expect to have more than three wet canvas/boards to carry. Cut a small slivver of cork and place one at each corner of the wet painting, then place another wet canvas facing it or some other protective layer. Either hold these together with an elastic band or string etc. Put these in a cardboard box, filing folder or similar.

The larger box weighs under 2lbs and the smaller about 1.25lbs. The overall size of the larger box is 11"x10"x3"deep and the smaller 9"x8"x3"deep. The wood is sealed but left for the owner to varnish or use as is.

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